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What People Are Saying About A New IBS Solution

"Dr. Pimentel's work is brilliant! Finally, after 30 years of managing patients with IBS Dr. Pimentel has presented me with a unifying concept as to the root cause of most IBS. His research is well documented in peer journals and is a monumental advancement in gastroenterology. My patients and I can't thank him enough for his persistence, knowledge, and expertise."

     John Jolly, MD
     Board Certified in Gastroenterology
     Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine,
     University of California, San Francisco

"For eleven years I suffered with stomach trouble, indigestion, and diarrhea. After having many tests and seeing numerous doctors, the only diagnosis I was ever given was that I was suffering from IBS. I was told I would have to "learn to live with it ," because there was no known cure. Once I started Dr. Pimentel's treatment program, I experienced a dramatic improvement. It was as though someone had flipped a switch and made me feel like a real person again. Because of Dr. Pimentel, I've regained my life."

     Patient testimonial